Your food should come naturally

Organic is not a fad

The organic food business is just a small portion of the current food market.  Some might believe that “organic” is just another food fad, but the fact of the matter is, natural organic food was the only food available until very recently in our history.  The simple truth is that it all boils down to money.

Improvement of shipping meant an expanding market for food

It all started with farmers.  Farming has been the preeminent business for the common man until transporting of food became more efficient.  With the advent of trains, then the interstate highway system and motor vehicles which then made trucking possible, delivery of fresh produce to an exponentially expanding market exploded the food business.  With the invention of the airplane, well, that expanded the market possibilities for food to a whole new level.  It wasn’t long before farms could compete in a much broader market.  This also affected other food producers such as fishing; fresh Maine lobster was added to the menu in Los Angeles and fresh pacific salmon was being served in New York City.

Expanding food markets led to greater corporate control

The economic effects on the American family farm is a matter of history.  Today, the vast majority of the food produced in the United States comes from “big agra” or the huge conglomerate food production corporations where food production has become a science for their profit.  Pesticides control insect infestations which, otherwise, damage crops; herbicides kill off weeds that diminish the size and amount of crops. And then there’s genetically modified crops that are designed to withstand droughts and other adverse conditions as well as corporate products such as Roundup which can be “safely use” on these “crops” which were genetically engineered to withstand their application. The idea was to create an ideal condition where the crop thrives, immune to the herbicide, and the weeds are then managed efficiently.  However, cross contamination of Roundup resistance has, reportedly  resulted in Roundup resistant   Weeds.  Many are genetically designed to be more appetizing in appearance and/or taste. They’ve even been designed to grow quicker and bigger to make production even better.

When the overriding focus is money, the consumer has cause for concern

All of these developments with the food that we eat have happened for only one reason: money. This is the reason for all of the innovations, to increase crop production, product appeal and shelf life.  We have an infinite variety of choices of food today; prices are relatively good; availability of food is plentiful; the quality of food seems to be generally high; but though the pesticides, herbicides and genetic modifications served to increase profits, the potential for harm from these tools were not often thoroughly studied.  In fact the potential for harm to people’s health was something to be “managed” not corrected.  An example of corporations behaving like this is a matter of record.  R. J. Reynolds, the second largest tobacco company that exists, knew and accepted the evidence that smoking was a cause of cancer by the late 1950’s but chose to deceive the public.  There are lawsuits that have and are now being waged against big manufacturers of pesticides and herbicides used on crops that claim that these chemicals are harmful to people’s health and that they also have other harmful

I think enough said for avoiding foods treated with chemicals.  There are even more reasons to go organic so there’s no reason to hesitate.  We all have a duty to make the most healthy choices for ourselves and our families and that means buying healthy, natural, organic food.  Better supermarkets have organic produce.  Other places to get natural organic fruits and vegetables are at roadside fruit and vegetable stands, farmer’s markets and natural food co-ops.  You should first verify that the produce being sold from these sources is pesticide free not genetically modified and organic. There’s one more place that you can get fresh organic fruits and vegetables.  Become an organic gardener!  The fresher you get fruits and vegetables the better.



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