New update on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). It’s over!

The end of the TPP

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) seems to finally be dropped.  The Obama administration has conceded that the agreement will not be passed in the lame-duck session.  Congressional leaders of both parties have indicated that they will not bring the TPP forward for consideration during the lame-duck session, ending what hopes President Obama had for it passing through Congress before the end of his term in office.  Though this is pointed to as a defeat for our trading competitiveness in the world, the dire consequences for our food safety, food labeling, the environment, internet neutrality and many other concerns has been averted.screen-shot-2015-01-05-at-9-08-18-am

It’s not likely to come back nor is anything like it likely to be considered in the next administration

The new Donald Trump administration has not yet made an official policy statement regarding the TPP, but President Elect Donald Trump has made comments about the TPP which makes clear his disapproval of it.  Unless President Elect Donald Trump changes his mind about it, it probably won’t be considered next year and is probably defeated for good.

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